Graduate students

Nseko, Yoweri

Research interests:

  • Joint seismic tomography
  • Earthquake characterization and seismic hazard studies

Alonzo, Ben

Research interests:

  • Earthquake epicenters and mechanisms in rift zones
  • Effects of climate change on landslides

Kabanda, Albert

Research interests:

  • Seismic imaging: Ambient noise tomography and wavefrom inversion
  • Magma-poor rifting

Thomas, Ann

Research interests:

  • Physics of human-Earth interaction
  • Induced and triggered earthquakes


Research Specialist

Ranadive, Omkar

Research interests:

  • Machine Learning, deep learning, reinforcment learning
  • Signal detection and scientific programming


Postdoctoral researcher

Ciardelli, Caio

Research interests:
  Joint seismologcal inversion and the South-
  American mantle

Thesis title:

  Adjoint Tomography of South America based on
  3D Spectral-element Seismic Wave Simulations


Former Postdoctoral researchers

Chao, Kevin

Research interests:
  Tectonic tremor and dynamically triggered
  seismic events

Thesis title:

  Global search of triggered non-volcanic

Zhang, Hao

Research interests:
  High-resolution structure of crustal
  discontinuities around the Mid-continent Rift
  and Rupture processes of natural earthquakes

Thesis title:

  Imaging Rupture Processes of Earthquakes
  Using the Relative Back-projection Method

Chang, Sung-Joon

Research interests:
  Joint inversion of 3D S velocity mantle
  structure along the Tethyan margin

Thesis title:

  Estimation of the crustal velocity structure in
  southern Korea using broadband waveforms


Graduate alumni with PhD degrees

Tang, Vivian

Thesis Title:

The power of seismic waves to trigger seismicity and reveal the inner structure of the Earth


Graduate Year: 2020

University: Northwestern

Bollmann, Trevor

Thesis Title:

North American mantle processes during the Mesoproterozoic through Cenozoic Eras from seismic field experiments and visualizations


Graduate Year: 2019

University: Northwestern

Witek, Michael

Thesis Title:

Lithosphere-Asthenosphere Structure of East Asia from Ambient Noise Tomography


Graduate Year: 2018

University: Northwestern

Wolin, Emily

Thesis Title:

Structure, seismicity, and instrumentation of stable North American lithosphere


Graduate Year: 2016

University: Northwestern

Lou, Xiaoting

Thesis Title:

Inferred and Predicted Seismic Velocities of the North American Mantle


Graduate Year: 2013

University: Northwestern

Lloyd, Simon

Thesis Title:

The lithosphere of South America: Craton heterogeneity and depth of the subducting Chile Ridge


Graduate Year: 2011

University: Northwestern

Bedle, Heather

Thesis Title:

Studies on the S-velocity Structure of the North American Upper Mantle


Graduate Year: 2008

University: Northwestern

Schmid, Christian

Thesis Title:

Mantle structure of the Eurasia-Africa plate boundary region


Graduate Year: 2006

University: ETH

Feng, Mei

Thesis Title:

Tomografia de Ondas de Superficie na America do Sul: Inversao Conjunta de Velocidade de Grupo e Forma de Onda


Graduate Year: 2004

University: São Paulo

Marone, Federica

Thesis Title:

Upper mantle S-velocities and crustal thickness in the Eurasia-Africa plate boundary region derived from regional seismograms


Graduate Year: 2003

University: ETH

Van der Meijde, Mark

Thesis Title:

Seismic-velocity discontinuities in the crust and mantle of the Eurasia-Africa plate boundary region


Graduate Year: 2003

University: ETH


Other students, (co-)advised or co-evaluated

Agaba, Victor

Allepalli, H.

Ambruz, Nicholas

Barth, Cooper

Brengman, Clayton

Chang, YunYuan

Cusick, Arden

Chrabaszcz, Carlyn

Decottignies-O., C.

Doermann, Lindsey

Donno, Daniela

Ebeling, Carl

Elias, Eric

Eufrásio, Igor

Franks, Jill

Gao, Yuan

Ha, Monica

Heath, Ben

Ji, Michael

Joubert, Cécile

Henke, Zoe

Hletko, Sofia

Khoriaty, Matthew

Kim, Victoria

Li, Dan

Lodewyk, Jessica

Loh, Lay Kuan

Matias, Audeliz

McGee, Noelle

Meier, Ueli

Molina, Carolina

Moore, Colleen

Ning, Shuoxian

Ökeler, Ahmet

Popova, Siyana

Pladys, Arnaud

Ranadive, Omkar

Rösler, Boris

Salaree, Amir

Sankaran, Arnav

Sharman, Eva

Sicilia, Deborah

Sita, Madelyn

Stankiewicz, Jacek

Subramanian, Aparna

Tekverk, Karen

Thompson, JaCoya

Thurin, Julien

Wang, Fei

Wu, Lingling

Wu, Sunny

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