Earthquakes can be dangerous and are powerful evidence that the Earth is continuously reshaping. The seismic signals emitted by earthquakes encrypt important stories about these events and about the inner dynamics of the Earth itself. I apply data science to extract these stories from millions of seismic waves. I am particularly interested in developing and applying new methods of seimic tomography to image the Earth’s interior structure from heterogeneous data.

Earth's interior structure reveals the effects of geodynamic forces that lead to planetary cooling, plate tectonics, sefloor spreading, subduction zones, volcanism, mountain building, and lots more. I am particularly interested in how plate tectonics started, how it is sustained, and when and how it will end. My research contributes to the idea that a deep water cycle is a critical factor for sustaining plate tectonics.

Meanwhile, we also harvest information from seismic waves generated by dynamics in other parts of the Earth System and study the source mechanisms of some earthquakes. Please check the Publications page to check out past and recent research.